After the successful introduction of the "slow-fall-key-board" for pianos
We are proud to introduce the Magic Lid ∙ Safety Ease
That will make it very simple to raise and lower a heavy grand piano lid safely, without fear of hurting or maiming fingers or hands.


  The Magic-Lid is the first and only support for grand piano lids
It work in most Baby Grands, Grands and Concert Grand pianos

A piano grand lid is sometimes opened for stronger sounds or for cosmetic purposes. This device assists the user in opening and dampening the closing motion of the grand piano lid, using two small pneumatic cylinders and it can be installed on almost any new or old grand piano, without changing or modifying the piano


US Patent N° 7,999,163 B2, International Patents Pending 

The Safety Ease is installed over the piano rim, between the lid hinges. It helps raise the piano lid easily and safely.  When the lid is released for closing, it comes down with a dampening motion to make a smooth contact with the piano rim. This will prevent the hand and fingers from being crushed.

Magic Lid ∙ Safety Ease

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